Green Initiatives Part 2: Energy Management Systems $ave

This post originally appeared on HFTP Connect: The Hospitality Professionals’ Blog as part of the 2012 Hospitality Industry Technology Exposition and Conference (HITEC).

“Green Initiatives Part 1” summarized key points from Monday’s HITEC 2012 “Green Initiatives” education session. We learned that global demand for energy is expected to grow by 57% over next 25 years and electricity prices are expected to double from 2008 prices by 2015.

HFTP HITEC 2012 Exhibit Hall

HFTP HITEC 2012 Exhibit Hall. Baltimore Convention Center. Christina Dzingala, 2012.

Today in “Green Initiatives Part 2”, we head to the HITEC 2012 Exhibit Hall to check out the latest green hospitality technology.  Today’s energy management systems (EMS) can save about 40% in energy, without compromising guest comfort and convenience. Higher energy savings quickly translates into greater cost savings for the property and lower carbon emissions for the planet.

Energy management systems control consumption where energy is needed and reduce consumption where it is not.  Property managers can set and monitor energy use remotely through wireless networking and web-based management applications.  Guests can adjust temperatures, lighting, and other energy use to their personal comfort while in the room using easy to use devices.  Sensors automatically readjust settings to conserve energy when guests leave their rooms.  Real-time reports provide managers with timely information to address issues, change settings, and track usage.

Energy management systems are designed to meet the different needs of individual properties. Three interesting energy management systems exhibiting at HITEC 2012 include:

1. Ovation Networks’ EcoManaged

The EcoManaged ComfortStat thermostat fits right onto existing packaged thermal air conditioner (PTAC) control panels Guests can set room temperature to their personal comfort.  The thermostat detects changes in carbon dioxide levels when guests enter and exit the room, and adjusts the temperature accordingly.  Messages alert property management in emergency, overuse, or service situations.  Ovation Networks’ Energy Management Specialists help properties identify eligible rebates, tax credits, and incentives.

2. Verdant’s eNviro iQ and VX Series

Verdant’s wall-mounted thermostats are designed to work with any hospitality heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system.  Integrated thermal and motion sensors detect incidental vs. guest room occupancy and adjust temperature and humidity to guest preference or default settings.  An “Info” button displays hotel informational or promotional messages.  The VX Series thermostats are pre-configured with 5 energy saving presets to optimize energy savings.

3. Evolve’s Guest Control Product Suite

Evolve offers a full suite of guest control products including thermostats, lighting control, electrical outlets, power draperies, motion sensors, and other related devices.  All the HVAC, lighting, and electronics in the room can be centrally controlled and monitored.  Power is activated when the guest inserts their cardkey into the wall-mounted reader.   The room’s devices can also be controlled remotely at the front desk to customize and prepare a room to guests’ preferences, or by engineering to monitor usage and address issues.

Today’s energy management systems are a sensible and sustainable solution to providing guest comfort while conserving energy resources.  Guests both see and experience first hand the hotel’s commitment to green initiatives.


About Christina Dzingala

I am a Solutions Strategist specializing in triple bottom line management to transform organizations and brands for sustainability in the digital age. I am an active learner, explorer, conservationist, and community volunteer.
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